Wednesday, 13 February 2008

February News 2008

28th Feb 2008: Three new dates have been added in March @ Dive Bar in Las Vegas. The dates are: 13th, 20th + 27th March 2008

26th Feb 2008: I've added some very cool pictures to the rehearsal picture pages on Marya Roxx Info. Thanks to Joe Libretti (John's Drum Tech) for supplying these pictures

25th Feb 2008: Wayne Carver has added some really cool pictures from the rehearsals to his Myspace. Including some of Marya with Wayne's very beautiful daughter. it looks like the band are all having a lot of fun!

22nd Feb 2008: Marya's Official Website is now live! check it out at

21st Feb 2008: Marya posted on her blog that her first show will be at 'Rox Club' in Las Vegas.
The have Marya listed for three dates 6th Mar, 22nd Mar and the 2nd May. Check Marya Roxx Info Tour Dates page for more Marya shows.

15th Feb 2008: John Miceli has added some more very cool pictures to his website from Vegas. There is some of Paul Crook blowing out his Birthday Candles and a couple more of the band with Marya. including this one of them showing her their support lol. See Marya Roxx Info - Vegas News for more pictures

10th Feb 2008: Marya, Paul Crook and his wife Kristy attended Vince Neil's Birthday Party in Las Vegas. see the relevant picture page on Marya Roxx Info for more... Or visit wireimages

Marya and the band are in Las Vegas for rehearsals during Feb. All rehearsal updates, news & pics on Marya Roxx Info

1st Marya Roxx tour date has been announced for 5th May 2008 @ The Key Club in LA

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