Monday, 19 May 2008

May News 2008

18th May: Download Marya wallpaper for your cell phones HERE
Marya posted two more blogs to her myspace today!

13th May: Marya posted two blogs to her myspace today!

Vegas Rocks April edition, magazine article

12th May: blurbs added to Musexpo 2008 on Marya Roxx Info

10th May: Show tonight at 'Divebar' in Las Vegas - With Pearl!

Pictures from The Joint - 30th April 2008

Pictures from The Key club - 5th May 2008

For more picture see Marya Roxx Info

8th May: Show tonight at 'Divebar' in Las Vegas

5th May: Key Club show tonight with Metal Skool!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

April News 2008

30th Apr: The Joint 8771 W. Pico Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90035. Pictures coming soon

28th Apr: The '10 Questions' competition is now closed. All CD'S have been won and you can find the winners on Marya Roxx Info

MUSEXPO 2008 TONIGHT! See Marya Roxx Info for more

27th Apr: Marya and the band have a short notice show in LA this week. Wed, April 30th @ 10pm The Joint 8771 W. Pico Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90035. See tour dates page for more info

21st Apr: New competition to win a signed copy of '21?' EP. Closing date 10th May 2008 or when all 5 cds have been won. see Marya Roxx Info for more.

20th Apr: Closing date for The Interview With Marya see for more info.

13th Apr I've added some new pictures from the show on the 9th and 10th April to Marya Roxx Info

6th Apr Marya added some pictures from the show on the 2nd to her myspace

You can find all these pictures on Marya Roxx Info picture pages

5th Apr Marya has added three new blogs to her myspace

One about new pictures being added from April at Dive Bar.

More of these pictures can also be found on Marya Roxx Info picture pages

The second blog is about a radio interview she did at Indie 103,1 Radio Station in Los Angeles, CA

And the third is about a very cool interview Marya will be doing with her fans. You can send questions to me at for a chance to be part of this exciting interview!

I also have a signed copy of '21?' to give to the person I think sends in the best question to me. The question doesn't necessarily have to be picked by Marya to win my copy. the closing date for this is the 20th April 2008! So hurry and get your questions in!

This is what Marya has to say about it:

So please ask as many questions as you want. I will try to answer them before House of Blues show. 5 best questions will win my signed EP + tickets to House of Blues show!

Daniel organised this interview and you can also find info about this at:

Saturday, 8 March 2008

March News 2008

27th Mar: Aaron has over 60 VERY COOL pictures on HERE from the Dive bar show on 20th Mar 2008

25th Mar: '21?' is now available on itunes!

21st Mar: Marya and the band @ 'Divebar' in Las Vegas yesterday

Press Statement
Marya Roxx announces Heavy Metal bass legend into her band line-up.

(Las Vegas, NV) Marya Roxx is proud to announce Joey Vera (Armored Saint, Fates Warning) as her bassist.

Her band line-up which consists of Paul Crook (guitar), John Miceli
(drums) and Joey Vera (bass) is currently rehearsing in Las Vegas, NV while performing every Wednesday and Thursday night at DIVEBAR (3035 E. Tropicana Blvd) in preparation for their 9:00pm slot at MUSEXPO-2008.

MUSEXPO (United Nations Of Music & Media) will take place at The House of Blues in Hollywood, CA on April 28th. To read more about the forum please

To read more about Joey Vera please visit his website:

Marya posted two blogs on her myspace today. About Joey joining the band, The 'Totally band' TV show and the 2nd Dive bar show.

20th Mar: Marya will be playing at Divebar in Las Vegas tonight

19th Mar: Today Marya and the band performed three songs on 'Totally Band in Vegas' a TV show in Vegas. '21?' 'Rebel and 'Oh Yeah'

See Marya Roxx Info - picture page for more pictures.

18th Mar: There has been a change in the band line up. Joey Vera is now playing bass. See Marya Roxx Info - band pages for more info.

14th Mar: Marya made a new blog post on her myspace today. She also added 18 new pictures from the Divebar show last night, to her myspace, which you can also find on Marya Roxx Info picture pages.

New dates have also been added for April at Divebar in Las Vegas. Marya will be playing there every Wed and Thurs through April! Very cool news.

13th Mar: Marya's EP '21?' is now available to download online at the following websites:

BT PodShow

Also Marya and the band will be playing their second show at 'Divebar' in Las Vegas tonight.

The other three audio clips from Marya's new EP '21?' have now been added to Marya Roxx Info. You can find the links on the main page.

Marya has added the Lyrics to the other three songs to myspace blogs

7th Mar: Here's some very cool pictures from 'Rox Bar' last night.

For more pictures see Marya Roxx Info picture page
All pictures by Renee

6th Mar: Marya and the band are playing their fist gig together tonight at 'Rox Club' in Las Vegas!

1st Mar: The track list for the new EP has been added oto

01. 21?!
02. Oh Yeah
03. Rebel
04. Nothing Going On

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

February News 2008

28th Feb 2008: Three new dates have been added in March @ Dive Bar in Las Vegas. The dates are: 13th, 20th + 27th March 2008

26th Feb 2008: I've added some very cool pictures to the rehearsal picture pages on Marya Roxx Info. Thanks to Joe Libretti (John's Drum Tech) for supplying these pictures

25th Feb 2008: Wayne Carver has added some really cool pictures from the rehearsals to his Myspace. Including some of Marya with Wayne's very beautiful daughter. it looks like the band are all having a lot of fun!

22nd Feb 2008: Marya's Official Website is now live! check it out at

21st Feb 2008: Marya posted on her blog that her first show will be at 'Rox Club' in Las Vegas.
The have Marya listed for three dates 6th Mar, 22nd Mar and the 2nd May. Check Marya Roxx Info Tour Dates page for more Marya shows.

15th Feb 2008: John Miceli has added some more very cool pictures to his website from Vegas. There is some of Paul Crook blowing out his Birthday Candles and a couple more of the band with Marya. including this one of them showing her their support lol. See Marya Roxx Info - Vegas News for more pictures

10th Feb 2008: Marya, Paul Crook and his wife Kristy attended Vince Neil's Birthday Party in Las Vegas. see the relevant picture page on Marya Roxx Info for more... Or visit wireimages

Marya and the band are in Las Vegas for rehearsals during Feb. All rehearsal updates, news & pics on Marya Roxx Info

1st Marya Roxx tour date has been announced for 5th May 2008 @ The Key Club in LA

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Please keep visiting my Marya Roxx Info site regularly as I will be adding everything in much more detail there. My aim of this blog and my site is to keep all things related to Marya's career from now onwards as up to date as possible. So if anyone has any news, info or any ideas for this blog or my site, please feel free to post it in the relevant months news blog. Alternatively EMAIL with any info

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